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  1. Connect to an API

Connect to any REST, GraphQL API.

You can connect ILLA to most APIs using our native integrations. If you need to connect to an internal API, or if there isn’t a supported integration, you can connect using our REST API integration or GraphQL Integration.

1. Create an API resource

Resources represent connections to data sources and are what you query within your ILLA apps. Log in to ILLA and navigate to the Resources tab > click Create new and select the API you want to connect to, such as REST API. This opens the Configure a resource modal where you add your connection information.

At a minimum, you need the base URL of the API you want to connect to. You can also pass URL parameters, headers, etc. If your API requires authentication, you can configure that on this page as well. For example, OAuth2.0 requires an Authorization URL, Access Token URL, etc. After you enter your connection details, click Save resource.

2. Query your API

In the App editor, click + New in Action List > select REST API and choose an existed REST API or create a new one > click create action and update the actions with additional URL parameters, headers, etc.