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Accelerate your internal tools development

A low-code platform for developers to build internal tools in minutes.
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With the SQL Generate feature, you can input natural language and get SQL statements that can be run directly. This works in databases like MySQL, Postgre, Supabase, etc.

SQL Generate. More AIGC features are coming soon.
Built forDevelopers

We offer developers a high degree of freedom to implement richer functionality through JavaScript, wrapping JS statements with {{Template Syntax}} to place at any string type variable spaces for more variety in the output.

Write JavaScript in ILLA
Integrate with
Anydata source

ILLA can connect to the mainstream databases or any data connected through APIs and add actions to chain to user events. It tightly integrates the data obtained from the back-end with the front-end components, allowing developers to write simple data calls to achieve massive information interaction.

ILLA allows users to integrate with the following data sources via GUI mode: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic Search, Amazon DynamoDB, Snowflake, SMTP, REST API, S3, GraphQL, Clickhouse, MariaDB, Firebase, Appwrite, Supabase, TiDB, Hugging face, Oracle DB, CouchDB.

ILLA turns imagination into real codes and designs. Developers can work simultaneously in ILLA Builder by sharing links. Developers can co-edit and communicate with others in real-time to give timely feedback, which will greatly improve development efficiency.

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responsive UI library

We have built dozens of components in ILLA Builder to meet the needs of developers in different scenarios. Developers can drag and drop to boost their productivity, which greatly saves the time on building internal tools.

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ILLA provides two ways to deploy. Developers can use the ILLA Cloud to quickly start building their apps on any device. We also provide ILLA CLI for free with better security to ensure data safety.
ILLA Cloud 👍Try one-click deployment and enjoy the easiest deployment experience
ILLA CLIThe fastest and easiest way to self-host ILLA
KubernetesDeploy ILLA into Kubernetes by using ILLA Helm chart
DockerDeploy ILLA locally in 30s
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